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With over 30 years of advertising experience, CMM representatives have firsthand working knowledge of traditional advertising media and the most current and cutting edge developments in the field.

Cat's Meow Marketing possesses the expertise, skills and tools necessary to assure that your advertising piece or campaign reaps significant returns on your investment.

Cat's Meow Marketing advertising services include:

  • print, broadcast & digital advertising
  • radio & television spots & commercials
  • newspapers & newsletters
  • magazines & trade journals
  • online publications
  • PSAs
  • video productions
  • direct mail
  • websites & web banners
  • out-of-home advertising: digital signage, billboards, mobile billboards, street furniture, walls, buses, etc.
  • airplane banners
  • infomercials
  • in-store advertising
  • print & digital classified & display ad advertising
  • sales promotions: coupons, contests, sweepstakes, etc.
  • search engine advertising & SEO copywriting
  • copywriting, graphic design
  • fliers, posters, rack cards, announcements
  • social network advertising
  • email broadcasts
  • editorial, publicity

The goal of any campaign has always been to successfully connect with a specific market and motivate that public to act by inquiring, purchasing or committing. Cat's Meow Marketing prepares and implements well-strategized advertising plans that favorably influence the selection of a specific product, service, person or idea.

Advertising FirmCMM takes pride in developing effective, high quality advertising products that are precise in appearance, message and delivery, thereby inspiring action. By utilizing one or many tools of a calculated communication mix, we disseminate your information, brand and call to action through the most advantageous media channels.


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