marketing campaigns

marketing campaigns
Cat's Meow Marketing team members have been developing and implementing campaign strategies for decades. Timing, readiness and flexibility are of paramount importance.

With a series of touches to communicate your message, Catís Meow Marketing will guide you to generating new leads, driving valuable prospects to your product, service or event.

CMM campaign products and services include:

  • advertising & marketing campaigns: issue, political, individual & brand
  • traditional media marketing & advertising: print, broadcast
  • search engine & online marketing & advertising
  • publicity, editorial, online & traditional press outreach & contacts
  • competitive positioning & branding strategy
  • copywriting
  • graphic design
  • direct mail
  • email broadcasts
  • web banners
  • prospecting
  • telemarketing
  • webinars
  • trade shows & events
  • incentives

Cat's Meow Marketing makes certain that before launching a campaign, all necessary tools, materials and communications have been coordinated. This assures your control of the delivery of the campaignís message to your targeted market and eliminates the need for crisis management once the drive is underway. If necessary, it is always easier to adapt a campaign in motion if the long term goal is defined and adhered to from the beginning.

Marketing AgencyCMM continually monitors and assesses campaign activities and results to make certain throughout the campaign that you achieve or surpass your goals. Once the campaign is concluded, the CMM team reviews the process and the results with you and maps the future based on the findings.

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