Cat's Meow Marketing is dedicated to meeting your print objectives with the highest quality and most environmentally safe printed products at very competitive prices. We use chlorine-free, eco-friendly stock to prevent the generation of dioxins and to mitigate the nearly 60% of landfill waste constituted of paper which pollutes the atmosphere when burned. CMM is committed to maintaining a low carbon footprint during our production of goods, packaging and marketing materials and tools.

Cat's Meow Marketing stock offerings include:

  • 100% PCW: a second generation tree free, since no new trees are used in the process of making 100% post-consumer waste paper

  • tree free: hemp, sugar cane/bamboo, banana, coffee, mango, lemon, old money and denim

  • chlorine free paper in our 100% post-consumer waste recycled lines

  • recycled coated stocks in dull and gloss finishes

  • Terra Skin: tree free paper made from rocks and minerals, waterproof and durable, used primarily for labels. Terra Skin is more expensive than conventional tree free papers, but it eliminates 75% of the plastic found in Poly Labels.

Cat's Meow Marketing printing services include:

  • digital printing using 100% non-toxic toner: recommended on orders up to 1000 sheets in flat, paper size 14" x 20". For instance, nine four color process postcards that are 4.25" x 6" can fit on our 14" x 20" flat size paper. That means 9 postcards x 500 sheets will yield you 4500 postcards. That will cost less than offset pricing. Digital printing is also faster, as you donít need to wait for the ink to dry. Digital printing uses very little paper for make ready and uses less electricity. The rush brochure market, for small quantities, is ideal for digital printing. Turnaround is one to three days after we receive good files.

  • offset printing using soy or vegetable based inks: recommended for small to large runs of Pantone one to two color printing and larger runs of four color printing. Beyond the need for 1000 14"x20" flat sheets, we find offset printing is more cost efficient than digital. For instance, 1000 brochures, in any page size, is probably an offset job. Offset printing is also recommended for the flat size print runs above 14" x 20". A pocket folder, a poster, 16 page signatures for a brochure, that need 25 x 38 print sizes, are definitely offset runs. Turnaround is five to seven days after we receive good files.

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Cat's Meow Marketing is your professional print production team. Let us determine whether your job is a digital or an offset run and we will give you the best price for your print project.

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