Promotional Marketing
Cat's Meow Marketing promotional campaigns target consumers, wholesalers and retailers through added value initiatives and incentives which stimulate product interest, trial and sales.

CMM offers the following products and services to effectively connect with your target audience and insure the success of your promotional campaign:

  • custom promotional merchandise: awards; desk, auto, sports & travel accessories; food gifts; apparel; luggage; flags; gifts & giveaways; calendars; magnets; coasters; glassware; mouse pads; key chains; name plates; etc.
  • brand awareness campaigns
  • direct marketing campaigns
  • print, broadcast & digital promotional campaigns, advertising & publicity
  • out-of-home advertising
  • packaging
  • SMS marketing
  • drip marketing
  • product launches
  • tradeshow promotional products
  • coupons: on-shelf, on-line & mobile
  • point-of-purchase displays
  • visual merchandizing
  • free-standing inserts
  • brand ambassadors
  • contests, sweepstakes, games
  • loyalty reward, recognition & incentive programs
  • recruiting programs
  • workplace safety programs
  • special events planning: soft & grand openings, festivals & green event planning
  • video & digital productions: infomercials, documentaries, image pieces, short films
  • eco-friendly personalized products & awareness promotions
  • embroidery

Promotional Marketing CampaignsCat's Meow Marketing uses promotion as the communication link between sellers and buyers to influence, inform and persuade purchasing decisions. We achieve increased sales, enhanced product acceptance and positioning, and prominent brand recognition.

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